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Unlock Your Business's Potential

Launch and Business Strategy 

You, a passionate, driven female founder, are looking to grow your product-based business and reach its full potential. You want a strategic partner who understands your unique challenges, speaks your language, and aligns with your goals.

But like many entrepreneurs, you're feeling stuck. With the overwhelming array of strategies, tactics, and platforms out there, you're not sure where to focus your energy. You're struggling to identify growth opportunities, maximize profits, and create high-converting campaigns.

Meet The Product Doula

Launch and Business Strategist

I help product-based female founders unlock the full potential of their businesses. I'm your personal business growth partner. With over 20 years of corporate operations and customer service experience, I'm here to provide bespoke solutions tailored to your business, not one-size-fits-all strategies.


I believe that every business has the potential to thrive, and I'm here to help you make that happen.

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Specializing In

Launch Strategy and Planning

Personalized Strategic Planning for Success

Increased Revenue and Profits

Unlocking Hidden Opportunities for Growth

Personal Desk

Ready to unlock your business's potential? Book a consultation with The Product Doula today.

“I highly recommend Christina as a business partner! She was able to take our business from a chaotic mess to a very successful and organized product launch in just a short amount of time! Her expertise in the field is unparalleled and her ability to tailor her approach to our specific needs made all the difference. She constantly thought of things that would have fallen through the cracks as a first time entrepreneur and helped us find the resources to get the job done. We felt like Christina became a part of the team through the process, as she is so kind, encouraging, and showed that she truly believed in us and our business. Christina’s insight was invaluable and her consulting style was supportive and encouraging. 

Stephanie G., Little Bunzie

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